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Workplace Fundraising Tips

Get the most out of your workplace fundraising efforts for your Wear Purple for Parkinson’s event.

Here are some quick hints and ideas for raising money at your workplace:

  • Wear purple. Encourage everyone to wear or bring something purple into work. Prior to the day, send out regular reminders. Organise a donation box in a prominent position of the office, and make several trips around the office to collect donations so you don’t miss people who aren’t at their desks.
  • Team up with an existing event. Organise your fundraising day to take advantage of an event that is already happening, such as your work or sport team meeting, an office celebration or morning tea.
  • Decorate the office in purple. Use purple balloons to decorate your office or add a personal touch with some streamers or party hats.
  • Compete to raise funds. Have competitions with your friends or work colleagues to see who can raise the most money.
  • Dollar-for-dollar matching.  Ask your employer to support your fundraising efforts by matching the funds you raise.