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One in every 350 Australians lives with Parkinson’s Disease

Now – One in 350 Australians affected by Parkinson’s Disease – and it’s growing –
30 more people are diagnosed with the disease each day.

A report by Deloitte Access Economics shows that Australia’s second commonest
neurological disease, Parkinson’s Disease, is growing in numbers (by 17% over the last
six years), is commoner than prostate, bowel and many other cancers; the estimated
burden of the disease for 2011-12 is valued at $7.6 billion and 20% of PD sufferers are
of working age.

Parkinson’s cost the Australian economy approximately $775 million in 2011-12, including
approximately $480 million in health system costs and $110 million in lost productivity. In
addition, the estimated burden of disease in 2011-12 is valued at $7.6 billion, in terms of lost
quality of life and premature mortality for people with Parkinson’ s

The headline findings of the Report are that;
• 30 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every day;
• 20% of people affected are of working age;
• the average person lives for about 12 years from diagnosis (although it can be a  lot longer);
• Parkinson’s is commoner than prostate, bowel and many other cancers;
• it costs people with Parkinson’s about $12,000 a year out of their own pockets;
• every year nearly 50,000 years of healthy life are lost to the condition;
• numbers have grown 17% in the last six years and costs by over 48%.

Deloitte Access Economics “Living With Parkinson’s Disease” Report and uses data from a wide variety of reliable sources to form its conclusions.
Issued on behalf of Parkinson’s Australia.

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