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Living Well With Parkinson’s – A Holistic Approach

Parkinson’s Queensland presents the “in touch” series of seminars across the State. This seminar, titled “Living with Parkinson’s – A Holistic Approach,” brings together some of the sharpest minds in the Parkinson’s community to inform and educate GP’s, specialists, nurses, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals on the latest methodology for treating patients with Parkinson’s. The seminar will feature engaging and informative sessions from the health professionals listed below.

Prof George Mellick
George Mellick obtained a PhD from the University of Queensland in 1996 (in the field of Medicine). Following postdoctoral research at the Karolinska Institute Sweden (Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics) and the University of Queensland, he was appointed Lecturer in the School of Medicine (University of Queensland) in 2004. He joined the Eskitis Institute Griffith University in 2006 as Associate Professor and was made Deputy Director of the Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery in 2013 and full Professor in 2014. George is also is an advocate for people affected by Parkinson’s disease and has been a member of PQI since 1999. He has previously served on the PQI Management Committee as the President and Vice-President and on the Board of Parkinson’s Australia.

Prof. Peter Silburn AM
Neurologist, Peter Silburn is a Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at The University of Queensland and a world expert in the treatment and research of Parkinson’s disease, related neurodegenerative disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation. Professor Silburn’s Deep Brain Stimulation work is changing the lives of patients with a wide range of diseases and conditions for whom standard medical therapies have not been effective, including patients with Parkinson’s, Dystonia, Tourette’s syndrome, Essential Tremor, and Post-stroke disorders. Professor Silburn graduated from The University of Queensland in 1988 and commenced training in neurology at Princess Alexandra Hospital, completing his training at Oxford in United Kingdom at the Radcliffe Infirmary. Peter has been with Parkinson’s Queensland since 1996 and is a former President and Patron of Parkinson’s Queensland and is re-ignited and committed to working alongside a new committee of management plus the PQI members at Parkinson’s Queensland to ensure more services and supports are provided to the 17,000 Queenslanders with Parkinson’s.

Victor McConvey RN, MACN
Parkinson’s Clinical Nurse Consultant – Health Team Manager
Victor McConvey has been a Nurse for 28 years and has worked in the area of Neurology for the past 20 years. Victor has worked in clinical management and service development positions in both Australia and the United Kingdom, including establishing the Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist position in Leeds (UK). Victor is currently employed as the Clinical Nurse Consultant at Parkinson’s Victoria. In this role he works across the state educating health care professionals about Parkinsons and working with consumers and groups on managing symptoms and improving self-management.

Karen O’Maley RN
Karen O’Maley is a  Nurse Consultant for Movement Disorders, the Inaugural president of the Australian College of Nursing (previously the RCNA) Movement Disorders Parkinson’s Nurse faculty and is currently working in a Private Neurology practice. Karen has been working in the specialty of Neurology / neurosurgery nursing since 1990, in a collaborative practice with neurologists providing therapies for the management and treatment of movement disorders that require specialised nursing support. Karen’s qualifications include Post Graduate Certificate of Neuroscience Nursing Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing by Research.

We invite all health professionals with an interest in Parkinson’s disease to join us for this half day event. Please register your details for catering and seating purposes. We look forward to welcoming you at the event!

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