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The principal object of PQI is:

to alleviate the distress experienced by people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease or related disorders in Queensland:

(a) by offering information and assistance to people affected and, where appropriate, conducting a needs assessment and referral to appropriate service providers;

(b) by working collaboratively with other community service providers and allied health professionals to ensure that people living with Parkinson’s disease or related disorders are able to access appropriate support services;

(c) by providing training, information and education to people with Parkinson’s disease or related disorders, their carers and community service providers to facilitate better service delivery to those affected;

(d) by increasing public awareness of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders so as to provide greater public understanding of the impact of these illnesses and the limitations and special needs of those affected;

(e) by encouraging research into the cause and treatment of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders; and

to raise funds and do all other acts and things that may be deemed reasonably necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the above ojbects.

The document details information on membership, the direction of the organisation and annual meetings, amongst many other things. To read the full constitution please click on the following link:

PQI Constitution 2010